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      1. Senior New Product Development Engineer 

         1) 3 ~ 5 years working experience in the radiator factory 

         2) familiar with the trench profile control, drilling, tapping, and the design of CNC fixture 

         3) proficiency in all processes for processing heat sinks 

         4) Understanding the East China region, heat sink processing component supply chain 

        CNC Machining Technician 

         1) male, secondary education 

         2) At least 2 years experience in CNC Machining 

         3) familiar with the CNC Tooling / Fixture 

         4) the corresponding field staff management experience 

         5 familiar with the Mitsubishi / KND Systems 

        Sales Representative 

         1) secondary education, male or female 

         2) two years sales experience 

         3) The need to frequently go out for business trip 

         4) to hard 

         5) hardware background is preferred 


         1) familiar with the mechanical drawing 

         2) familiar with calipers, micrometers, two-dimensional, hardness testers use 

         3) hard-working, conscientious and responsible 

         4) hardware, heat sinks plant 1 to 3 years relevant working experience 

        Assistant Business Manager 

         1) female, college education, more than two years work experience 

         2) level 4 or above in English 

         3) proficiency in office software 

         4) sales experience is preferred 

        Quality Engineer 

         1) hardware, radiator company, more than 2 years work experience 

         2) The master CAD Drawing 

         3) understand the hardware, radiator quality control points, will produce SOP / SIP and QC control chart 

         4) familiar with the ISO9000 quality control process, understand the customer complaint handling 

        Assistant General Manager 

         1) female, English level 4 or above, will be the basic English writing and translation 

         2) more than two years work experience, familiar with the personnel administration work 

         3) Proficient in office software 

        Equipment maintenance 

         Male, in technical education, and a machine more than two years experience in equipment maintenance, equipment repair, maintenance and reduces power consumption, electricity, security and electricity, development of co-ordinated plan, monitor and improve the program, hold electrical license. Hard-working, motivated, obey superiors